Disaster Recovery With Cloud

Everyone has nightmares, but for businesses big and small, their worst nightmare is increasingly the specter of lost data.

We tend to think of “information” as something that is collective; it is disseminated, published, taught, saved, archived, and so on. But that is only true of the types of information you learned in school and read in the news. There is a massive amount of information that is encased in corporate silos because it is proprietary, confidential, or simply highly specific to the organization.

This means that if the data controlled by that company is corrupted or destroyed, there is almost no way to replace it, because it doesn’t exist anywhere else.

The Backup Balancing Act

The answer, of course, is to make and keep backups. That’s not as simple as it may seem. The most bulletproof solution might be near-instantaneous mirroring to another server in a distant locale. But depending on amount of data produced, the frequency with which it updates, and the criticality of the data preserved, that might not be a cost-effective solution.

And so your organization will need to balance the costs of maintaining your backups against the cost of disaster: the liability, the loss of business, loss of productivity, loss of trust within your industry, and much more.

Usually, data is divided up by how important it is and how robust the backup needs to be, and each category has an individualized solution implemented. This can be complex, but it is still the most effective way to keep costs down.

Get The Solution Before There’s a Problem

At InfoRelay, we implement a unique program called InfoSecure, which backs up data in near-real-time and automatically synchronizes the information across multiple locations. The data is safely encrypted and stored in our cloud-based disk vaults, and the multiple redundancies mean that even if an asteroid takes out the eastern seaboard, your data will still be safe.

If a backup is correctly implemented, then data recovery becomes merely a matter of uploading one of the backups. We maintain multiple versions of backups in case rollbacks are necessary. And there’s no worry about human error; every step is fully automated. We can even help you with on-site recovery support if you require it.

Lost data costs businesses an estimated $100 billion every year. Don’t let your business become a part of that statistic. Call InfoRelay to set up your Backup and Data Recovery package today.


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