How to Avoid Cross-Connect Fees When Linking To AWS

Amazon Web Services, a $160B juggernaut, is aggressively courting the very biggest customers. In a keynote at the Amazon-hosted re:Invent conference, AWS unveiled the massive companies that have gone ‘all-in’ on AWS. Heavy hitters like Juniper, MetGlobal and TimeInc, and of course AWS stalwarts like Netflix.

If such talk has gotten you thinking about using AWS, you’re not alone.

InfoRelay’s Partnership with AWS

Changing carriers, especially on a trial, or as a networking strategy, can be costly and time-consuming. But we’ve been working out the kinks, and we can help you get set up.

Here are the features of our AWS connection service:

  • You can connect with AWS using your existing networking setup. You don’t have to worry about a massive overhaul.
  • Your current VLANs will be connected to AWS through us, your current ISP. No cross-connect fees.
  • AWS is only available in one of our Northern Virginia facilities (IAD1), but if your servers are in another facility, we’ll handle the transport.

This service is ideally suited for keeping a lid on your monthly recurring costs (MRCs). You won’t need to arrange transport, pay for cross connects, or reconfigure your current setup. Just leave it all to us. Done-for-you service that’s cheaper than DIY — who doesn’t love that?

Why AWS? A couple examples.

AWS got its start as a cheapo data center for startups working on a shoestring, and in that regard, it remains close to its roots. It’s not the most user-friendly, but that’s partly what makes it so cheap — it’s like a budget grocery store that makes you bag your own groceries. And if all you’re doing is spinning up virtual servers for overflow, it can be an ideal solution. Intuit initially dipped its toes into the AWS pool by parking their app on AWS servers during tax season. After tax season was over, they decommissioned the servers. The move cut infrastructure costs by 20%, to say nothing of the decrease in support calls from irate customers.

Juniper got into AWS by way of a thought experiment: what if we didn’t own any data centers? They had over 300 software apps and 18 data centers. Could that all be cloud based?

It turns out, yes. Half of their apps (mostly internal) were replaced with SaaS versions: ServiceNow, Salesforce, Office365. For the rest, they just started moving. In three years, they’ve gone from 1% cloud to 85%, and they only own one data center. And while they didn’t save money, they grew substantially — but their headcount and IT budget stayed the same.

In our view, AWS provides an excellent ‘back lot.’ It provided plenty of room to spread out, albeit with minimal structure. Our managed services make an excellent complement, allowing ease of use and accessibility at our end and unlimited extension with AWS. A great all-around cloud solution to many use-cases. Contact us with details if you think yours might be one of them.



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