New Year, New Hardware

If you’re the proud owner of an Apple Watch, you probably know what it’s like to lust after a highly developed new piece of equipment. Even if you’ve gotten by with just your phone for years (not even a wristwatch!) you’re still weighing the benefits of the upgrade. You’ll be able to do more stuff! But is that stuff worth the money?

The same problem occurs at scale in a data services provider, so heavily reliant on technology. We need to be rock-solid dependable for our customers, but we also need to make sure that we keep pace with technology.

Announcing Juniper Server Upgrade!

Our faithful Cisco 6500 routers are approaching their “End-Of-Support” date. They’ve had a great showing, but it’s evident that with our customers’ growing traffic, they’re having an increasingly difficult time keeping up. Coupled with issues like the expansion of the IPv4 routing table, it’s just time to usher these guys out to pasture.

We’ve thoroughly examined our options and we think the worthiest successor is the Juniper MX series. After we’ve finished the replacement, our entire network will be serviced by these carrier-grade routers, which will provide enhanced stability and uptime.

Where? When? Will I be affected?

Let us set your fears to rest. You’ll likely see an increase in support notifications, but little in the way of direct impact. In fact, we have already completed the upgrades to our New York, Los Angeles and San Jose facilities, as well as two of our four Northern Virginia locations. The final two facilities are set to be finished upgrading by March 2016.

In addition to the Juniper gear, we’re taking the opportunity to upgrade our internal connectivity to multi-10Gbps aggregate links. With this comes the ability to offer 10Gbps, 40Gbps or 100Gbps to our customers on demand.

When all is said and done, InfoRelay will boast increased network stability and reduced vulnerability to DDoS attacks, and both internal and external network capacity will increase markedly.

Wasn’t Juniper in the News Recently?

You may have seen concerning reports about “backdoors” in Juniper’s firewalls. Unless you’re involved in the technical aspects, you may be concerned over such a vulnerability and its impact on your business.

However, Juniper is a very large company. In this instance, the security vulnerability is in their firewalls, which is a software, and entirely separate from their hardware products. Not only do the routers not use that software, they do not perform the function that the vulnerability affected. We would never use suspect equipment.

Give Us What You’ve Got

Hopefully hearing about the incipient rollout of this fantastic new hardware will give your organization increased confidence and perhaps enhance your vision of what’s possible using our networks. We pride ourselves on providing top-tier performance and top tier support and service at the same time. Feel free to give us a call to go over your network needs in 2016, and we’ll show you how we can best support your initiatives.



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