Northern Virginia Juniper Hardware Installation FAQ

Below are answers to some of the most common questions our colocation and managed services customers have asked related to InfoRelay’s Juniper Upgrade and Deployment Installation Project for our Northern Virginia data centers:

What Is The NoVA Juniper Installation Project?

Our data centers are currently undergoing a large network upgrade, where all of the legacy Cisco routing hardware will be replaced with new, more intelligent Juniper Networks hardware. Additionally, all internal connectivity and IP-traffic capacity is being upgraded by adding multi-10Gbps aggregate links. Doing so will provide numerous benefits, most notably the ability to offer lower latency, faster IP transport links including 10Gbps; 40Gbps; and even 100Gbps speeds!

What Is The Timeline For This Project To Be Completed?

The first phase of InfoRelay’s Juniper installation project originally commenced in 2013. To date, we have finished upgrades in the New York, Los Angeles, and San Jose facilities. Upgrades have also been completed in two of our four Northern Virginia data centers. Our projected time frame for completing upgrades in the NoVA data centers is April 1, 2016.

How Can Customers Expect To Benefit From This Upgrade?

Upon completion of the Juniper upgrade, InfoRelay clients will receive the following benefits to their network service:

  • Enhanced Network Stability
  • Greater Internal & External Network Capacity
  • Capability Of Upgrading Network Links At Significantly Faster Speeds
  • Minimized Vulnerability To DDoS Attacks

Why Have I Received So Many Maintenance Notifications?

Upgrades are being made to each respective location one facility at a time. Each of InfoRelay’s Northern Virginia data centers are connected via DWDM links over dark fiber, and our network shares transit provider routes between all facilities. Therefore, traffic may be routed from one data center to (or through) another facility at any given time during the upgrade process. Even if our technicians are not actively performing maintenance in your specific host data center, it is still possible for your IP-traffic to be impacted if it travels through a location that is undergoing upgrades. InfoRelay is dedicated to ensuring that all customers are informed whenever their network traffic could be impacted by maintenance, which is the primary reason for the recent increase notifications. Once the upgrade to Juniper hardware in the NoVA region is complete, customers will receive fewer maintenance notices.

Why Is This Important For Customers & What Is Our Bottom Line?

InfoRelay’s ultimate goal is to upgrade older hardware, such as our Cisco 6500 routers, before reaching the “End-Of-Support” term per each OEM. Although these routers have diligently served InfoRelay and our clients for several years, it is clear that this legacy gear is experiencing difficulty in handling increases in customer traffic, the growth of the IPv4 routing table and other networking-related phenomena. In our continued effort to provide the best possible service to clients, we are working to replace these routers with newer, more capable Juniper MX-series routers. Completion of the Juniper installation project will mean an increasingly robust network service due to these newer carrier-grade routers, ultimately providing stability, predictability, and network uptime for customers in Northern Virginia and across the United States.

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