Why Cloud Computing is Perfect for SMBs

Cloud computing is everywhere these days, and with good reason. It has decoupled productivity from basement server racks and bulky desktops. But although the change is marked in large corporations, we would argue that cloud computing is even more of a competitive advantage for small- and medium-sized businesses.

Slashing IT Costs to Protect the Bottom Line

Percentage-wise, capital expenditures for hardware and the salaries of competent IT professionals have a much greater impact on the bottom lines of small companies than they do in larger organizations. That’s why cloud computing can be such a relief — for a fixed monthly rate a cloud vendor can manage servers, handle backups, and maintain all the applications you need.

Plus, cloud vendors are industry experts with day-to-day exposure to emerging issues like security, architecture improvements, and other highly technical specialties. It’s difficult to find and recruit someone with similar expertise to a small operation.

Shift Other Costs to the Cloud

You may not realize it, but cloud-based subscription models for business application suites are quickly superseding old license models.

You may find that when you have found a reliable cloud vendor who can set up and troubleshoot new applications with one hand wrapped around his coffee cup, there’s little downside to moving your whole organization to a cloud-based suite like Microsoft’s Office 365, or Google’s Apps For Business.

Streamlining Workflow for Convenience and Cost-Savings

In addition to the smooth integration of suites between their various applications, you may discover new ways to get your applications to ‘talk’ to each other. With public APIs, even if an integration is not formally offered, you can hire a developer to create an integration. For instance, you could devise a system where your CRM allows salespeople to make appointments for services. And the services could be easily integrated into a payment or invoicing software.

Best of all, all the work takes place in a top-of-the-line facility where backups and failsafes provide the peace of mind that nothing of importance will be lost. In many cases, your data can be mirrored in real time to another set of servers, so even if one goes down, your usage is unaffected as your cloud service provider corrects the problem.

The technology businesses rely on is getting ever more complex and it’s overwhelming to think about all the options. But that’s what’s so great about cloud services. At InfoRelay, we’ve seen hundreds of application deployments across dozens of industries, and developed a very good feel for the most effective ways and means. That means that all you have to do is let us know what you want, and we’ll guide you to the easiest, most cost-effective solution.

If that’s not perfect, we don’t know what is.



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