About Us

InfoRelay Online Systems, Inc. is an Inc. 5,000 company that delivers enterprise-level data center and managed IT solutions. We specialize in delivering wholesale data center services to thousands of clients, including Fortune 500 companies and federal agencies.

  • Founded in 1995, InfoRelay has maintained annual growth and profitability through tough economic climates and industry shifts
  • We offer 15 data center locations across the United States and in major cities, providing our customers with multiple options for primary hosting as well as disaster recovery
  • Our executive management team boasts over 50 years of combined industry experience
  • Our network withstands utility power outages, failure of multiple network connections, and large-scale network attacks

Our Mission

“To provide our customers with total and complete confidence in the uptime, reliability, and performance of their critical IT systems. We do this through detailed planning and implementation, thorough communication and ongoing Epic Customer Care.”

InfoRelay is focused on providing maximum availability network and data center infrastructure by combining state-of-the-art routing and switching equipment with top-level engineering talent.

Complimenting our robust network and facilities is our true passion to provide the highest level of service to our clients. This passion along with real technical know-how allow us to to act as an extension of our clients’ IT departments in providing 24/7/365 systems support and ultimately offering our clients a high level of peace of mind with our 99.999% up time guarantee.


To schedule a tour of our facilities or get an estimate on InfoRelay's data center services, please call 888-557-3529 or fill out out the form below.