Bandwidth Availability and Data Routes

InfoRelay’s network is powered by more than 15 upstream ISPs and connectivity providers which guarantees extremely low latency to almost anywhere in the world. Our global network is available at 15 data centers across the US, and can be provisioned with additional diverse redundant cross-connections to ensure full protection from network outages on other networks.

  • FIVE NINES: InfoRelay is an industry leading network solutions provider with over 99.999% up-time, guaranteed
  • OPTIMAL DATA PATH: Best-Case Routing through BGP Technology
  • BGP ADVANCED ROUTING: Peers include: Savvis, TW Telecom, Global Crossing, nLayer, XeeX, Cogent, Peer1, Japan Telecom, and many other global networks and settlement free peering platforms
  • CISCO ROUTERS: InfoRelay’s network is delivered over a self healing Cisco + Juniper architecture. Multiple core routers are deployed at every data center location for maximum network availability
  • HIGH BANDWIDTH: InfoRelay’s overall network capacity currently exceeds 200Gbps of Internet connectivity

The map below shows InfoRelay’s inter-connectivity across networks in the US. InfoRelay also boasts a strong global presence with premium network peering to the Asia-Pacific regions and throughout the world.


InfoRelay Network Map

Data Center Map

In addition to our powerful bandwidth availability, InfoRelay is present across the USA with points of presence in many major markets. Clients can utilize the InfoRelay network, as well as colocation space at any of the facilities shown in the list below, or seen on the data center map:

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