For the last 20 years, InfoRelay Online Systems, Inc. have served thousands of clients in carrier neutral data centers across the continental United States with an optimized global carrier bandwidth blend. Combined with our extensive portfolio of customized services and experienced technical staff, our network bandwidth ensures that every customer receives the perfect solution for their unique needs.

Maximum Dedicated Bandwidth Capacity

InfoRelay uses private fiber rings to connect several carrier neutral data facilities, giving our customers instant access to networks in other facilities, as well as to private point-to-point data transfer. Utilizing a highly redundant network architecture, our engineers offer connectivity business owners can rely on; 99.999% uptime, guaranteed. InfoRelay also deploys a minimum of two core Cisco or Juniper carrier grade routers in all 14 data centers nationwide, further maximizing bandwidth redundancy and network availability.

Some of the key benefits customers enjoy with InfoRelay’s bandwidth services include:

  • Should InfoRelay’s Blend Experience Network Issues, The Problem Can Be “Routed Around” By Sending Traffic To Another Carrier
  • BGP Selection Chooses The Best Available Path Based On Number Of Hops Or Closest Peer
  • Carrier Grade Routers Handle Full Global Routing Tables
  • InfoRelay’s Network Capacity Never Exceeds More Than 40% Sustained Usage
  • Our Carrier Mesh Provides Customers With A 99.999% Uptime Guarantee

Global Partnerships Create Endless Options

By initiating BGP sessions with our providers in each market, InfoRelay can seamlessly route a customer’s network traffic over the best available carrier to the end user location. This results in extremely low latency routes across the global routing. Our optimized global carrier bandwidth blend draws from over 15 upstream providers including Level3, Savvis, Time Warner Telecom, Cogent, Hurricane Electric, nLayer, Global Crossing, PCCW, Japan Telecom and more.

Network Bandwidth Solutions Simplified

InfoRelay has well over 100Gbps of network capacity through some of the most well respected carriers in the world. Those considering contacting a carrier directly to satisfy their bandwidth needs should consider the following points:

  • Our team sees some of the best rates offered in the industry, so we can always ensure cost-effective, aggressive rates for clients.
  • Since we route through dozens of Internet carriers, we supply a larger number of available routes than any Tier I carrier can provide on their own.
  • The InfoRelay carrier mesh is proven to meet the high availability requirements posed by cloud deployments.
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