Cloud Is Great, But Are Companies Really Maximizing ROI?

Data Centers Maximize BusinessBusinesses have flocked toward cloud computing throughout the past several years to try and drive down their operational expenditures while simultaneously improving the power of their IT departments. While many firms have experienced plenty of substantive, positive impacts from these deployments, there is likely still plenty of room to improve in the coming years as the technologies involved are still very much fluid and subject to innovation. 

What’s more, many organizations are only now beginning to gain a strong understanding of what the tools can be used for, how to monetize use and how to measure returns on investment over time. It will take a bit longer for all businesses to maximize ROI in their cloud computing pursuits, and one new report made it seem as though very few have reached an optimal plateau in this regard thus far. 

Squeezing Out ROI

Bain and Co. recently released its latest report, titled “Tapping Cloud’s Full Potential,” suggesting that organizations are missing out on roughly 66 percent of the value of workloads that are currently taking place in these environments. This can be viewed as a positive finding in one sense, as it might indicate that there are even more progressive and transformative advantages to gain from the cloud over the next few years. 

On the other hand, a corporate executive might not be too thrilled to find out that the firm’s use of a major investment is only yielding 33 percent of its potential at any given time. In terms of what needs to be done, Bain stated that the transformation of policies and governance frameworks to be relevant to the cloud’s unique requirements can provide a hefty boost in the right direction by way of maximizing ROI, and that greater adoption of the public cloud and PaaS will take firms to the top of the proverbial mountain. 

How To Avoid The Issue

One of the main reasons why businesses might struggle to realize the highest possible value from novel IT services is a simple lack of experience and expertise in the relevant information and practices. As such, leveraging outsourced cloud and data center services can help the firm enjoy the full range of benefits that come along with the technology while it is delivered and maintained by a provider that specializes in these strategies, positively impacting ROI in the process. 


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