Data Centers

InfoRelay’s network is powered by more than 15 upstream ISPs and connectivity providers which guarantees extremely low latency to almost anywhere in the world. Our global network is available at 15 data centers across the continental United States and can be provisioned with additional diverse redundant cross-connections to ensure full protection from outages on other networks.

High-Performance Networks & Data Routes

Some of the primary benefits InfoRelay customers derive from our powerful network and high availability data routes:

  • FIVE NINES: InfoRelay is an industry-leading network solutions provider with over 99.999% uptime, guarantee.
  • OPTIMAL DATA PATH: Best-path routing is utilized through BGP technology.
  • BGP ADVANCED ROUTING: InfoRelay peers with many global networks and peering platforms including: Savvis, TW Telecom, Global Crossing, nLayer, XeeX, Cogent, Peer1, and Softbank.
  • CISCO ROUTERS: InfoRelay’s network is delivered over a self-healing Cisco + Juniper architecture. Multiple core routers are deployed at every data center location for maximum network availability.
  • HIGH BANDWIDTH: Our overall network capacity currently exceeds 200Gbps of Internet connectivity for top speed and load time.

Data Center Mapping

In addition to our powerful bandwidth availability, InfoRelay is present across the United States with points of presence in many major markets. Clients can utilize our network and colocation space at any of the facilities featured on the data center map below. InfoRelay Online Systems, Inc. also boasts a strong presence around the globe, offering premium network peering to the Asia-Pacific regions and other prominent international hubs.

InfoRelay Online Systems, Inc. proudly has data centers in seven regions across the United States including:


To schedule a tour of our facilities or get an estimate on InfoRelay's data center services, please call 888-557-3529 or fill out out the form below.