Dedicated Servers

Every company has varying goals and objectives, make cookie-cutter data solutions often ineffective. InfoRelay’s dedicated servers provide a completely customized solution for one’s IT needs, giving customers the highest level of control, power, and security possible. All of our managed servers are hosted in highly advanced data centers in the world on the most reliable networks, created by experienced technicians using cutting-edge hardware. In fact, our dedicated server solutions are so effective that InfoRelay has never experienced a core network outstage since its founding in 1995!

Managed Servers Help To Meet Your Business Goals

InfoRelay’s advanced monitoring system allows clients to feel comfortably confident in the management of their dedicated server. Our team’s dynamic approach constantly monitors for irregular hardware temperatures, abnormal spikes in CPU usage, questionable power usage, and security logs to ensure that all systems are functioning properly. We have spare hardware onsite to quickly replace existing materials in case of failure and system backup for fast restoration of critical information.

Dedicated ServersKey Dedicated Infrastructure Features Include:

  • Bare Metal Setups Available
  • Private, Dedicated Servers Provisioned Based On The Client’s Needs
  • Can Act As A Primary Aspect Of A Disaster Recovery Plan
  • IP Space Available
  • Reduced Capital Expenses
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