Here are some frequently asked questions we’ve received and responded to.

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About InfoRelay

Q. How long has InfoRelay been in business?

A. InfoRelay was founded in 1995 and has been profitable every year since its inception.


Q. What services does InfoRelay offer?

A. InfoRelay offers colocation, bandwidth, managed hosting, dedicated servers, desktop and server-grade backup software, DDoS protection and more. For detailed information on all of our services, check out our services page.


Q. What happens after I sign up for service?

A. All new clients are assigned a primary technical account manager to assist with their migration to the data center. The TAM will ensure that all technical aspects have been covered including IP allocation, facility access, testing of network port, and any other technical questions you may have.


Q. What data centers do you currently offer services in?

A. InfoRelay operates in data centers around the US, including Washington DC, Northern Virginia, Los Angeles, San Jose, Dallas, New York and Chicago. For more details on our data center locations, see our data center page.


Q. Does InfoRelay have a partnership program?

A. Yes, InfoRelay offers partnership, agent and affiliate plans. Each plan is designed with perks to provide a clearly defined business relationship and to produce long lasting results.


Q. Will I have access to my cabinet and hardware?

A. All clients have access to the data center suite that their hardware is colocated in, provided that they have leased a minimum of a private locking cabinet. Shared cabinet, or single U clients, do not have access to the data center and must be escorted.


Our Services

Q. Does InfoRelay provide the necessary hardware (servers, cabinets, etc.) and software or does the customer have to provide this?

A. It depends on the service. Managed Service customers lease hardware and software from InfoRelay, while Colocation customers provide their own hardware and software.


Q. How do I get pricing on your services?

A. Simply go to the Get a Quote page and fill out the fields as thoroughly as possible. Once submitted, a representative will reach out to you within 24 hours.


Q. I am in a unique situation. Does InfoRelay offer customized solutions?

A. Yes, InfoRelay specializes in the ability to modify and customize our solutions to fit your needs.



Q. Do you support IPv6?

A. Yes, however there is currently not an SLA for IPv6 – because many of our upstream providers do not offer an IPv6 network SLA. InfoRelay peers with multiple IPv6 networks for the ulitimate in IPv6 network reliability.


Q. What is InfoRelay’s peering policy?

A. InfoRelay has an open peering policy. For more information, email peering at inforelay dot com or see our entry at peeringdb.


Q. How do I bring a guest into a secure facility?

A. Temporary access is available by submitting a support request as soon as you are aware of the visit.


Q. How do I contact support in the event that I need help?

A. We offer support via email, telephone, and a priority ticketing system.


Q. How do I contact support for an immediate response in the event of an emergency?

A. For emergency support requests requiring immediate response, we offer a priority ticketing system.


Q. What is the average ticket response time?

A. The average ticket response time for standard support issues in 2010 was 12 minutes.

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