InfoRelay Colocation Hosting

You Focus on Innovation, We’ll Focus on Maintenance

Your business can’t risk IT outages, it’s simply too costly. We can help your business’ reduce the risk of outage, while bringing down maintenance costs through colocation hosting. InfoRelay hosts your servers in its data centers and makes sure your equipment is on 24/7/365. That way, you can focus on revenue-generating activities and innovation, instead of maintenance.

Our passion is data centers. InfoRelay’s technical expertise is focused around data center engineering and colocation provisioning. Our data centers maintain the highest standards in physical security, network security and infrastructure reliability. In conjunction with colocation, we also offer inclusive disaster recovery consulting to ensure that your IT systems are protected with multiple layers of backup systems and data protection methods.

•InfoRelay maintains a 97% annual client retention rate by delivering on our promise of striving for excellence in customer service and maximum systems availability.


Colocation Services

  • Boutique-Style Support: 24x7x365 skilled technical support via customer web portal, priority ticket system, and phone
  • Floor Space: 1/4, 1/2 and full cabinets, multiple cabinet deployments as well as cage provisioning
  • Data Centers: 15 colocation facilities available across the US, which can be seen here
  • Bandwidth: Over a dozen upstream providers combined into a highly redundant bandwidth blend, available via cross connect
  • Router Redundancy: Dual power supplies directly to your cabinet from diverse supplies and Dual carrier grade routers with BGP
  • Diverse Fiber Entrances: Multiple network paths into the data center through diverse conduit and fiber optic connections with local 10 Gigabit failover
  • Dependability: Regularly scheduled maintenance (dual cross connect clients are unaffected) scheduled off peak with two week’s minimum notice for non-critical updates

How Does Colocation Work?

InfoRelay has 15 world-class data centers across the US that are held to our stringent demands in security, reliability, and overall quality and are available to you. All facilities maintain a minimum of n+1 redundancy with 2n availability. InfoRelay strives to set the benchmark for enterprise class colocation by combining every industry resource available to maximize uptime and resiliency.

Contact our sales department or download our colocation brochure for more information on colocation in any of our data centers.


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