Dedicated Servers + Managed Servers

Your Applications, Our Secure Infrstructure

InfoRelay’s dedicated servers are hosted in the most advanced and reliable data centers in the world, on one of the most reliable networks. InfoRelay has never experienced a core network outage since its founding in 1995.

Our advanced monitoring systems allow us to see abnormal internal hardware temperatures, dangerous spikes in CPU usage, questionable power usage, as well as security logs to ensure that all system are functioning properly. When there is an issue that requires a hands-on evaluation, we are quick to respond with 24x7x365 support, setting us apart from our competitors.



  • Bare metal setups available as well as public and private cloud
  • Private, dedicated servers provisioned on your needs
  • IP space available
  • Reduced initial investment
  • No maintenance costs, hardware failure concerns, etc


Dedicated Servers


For more information on our dedicated servers, please contact our sales department.

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