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Enterprise Backup Solutions

Why wait until disaster strikes? InfoSecure™ is a backup and recovery solution that backs up data in real time. This means that just a few moments after writing a file to disk, it is synchronized to InfoRelay’s cloud-based disk vaults—protecting your data in the event of an emergency.InfoRelay InfoSecure

InfoRelay offers two types of data backup and disaster recovery: Desktop Backup and Server-Grade Backup. Each disaster recovery solution is designed to be turnkey.


Server Backup Solutions

InfoSecure Enterprise Server Protection (ESP) is designed with ease of use in mind, as well as scalability and cost of service. Management of InfoSecure ESP as a disaster recovery solution is as simple as a few mouse clicks to track, view, store, restore, and control a volume of storage from 100GB to 480TB across a single platform.

Key features include:backup_illustration

  • Our bare metal restores lower the rebound time for bringing a device back to production
  • High compression levels allow for storing more restore points using less storage space
  • Our typical compression ratios are 2:1
  • Easy to use web interface for client management with automated task management and reporting for all protected devices
  • Portable disk safes allow for movement of data from server to server
  • Browse and select files to exclude from by setting policies

Desktop Backup

InfoSecure™ Desktop Protection is a business-grade proprietary back up service that backs up your data in real time to highly advanced InfoRelay data center locations throughout the region. Our cloud-based storage platform allows you to access your files from any computer with internet access and immediately restore files in the event of a disaster.

Why InfoSecure Desktop Backup?

  • Multiple version recovery with configurable version archive
  • Full automation—backup to the cloud
  • Global backup—store data in multiple locations
  • Strong data encryption and secure facilities
  • Utilize InfoSecure™ in conjunction with other data center solutions for full disaster recovery planning solutions

For pricing and further information on our InfoSecure Desktop Recovery packages, contact our sales department or view the InfoSecure Desktop Overview.


For pricing and further information on our InfoSecure™ ESP disaster recovery packages, contact our sales department or view the InfoSecure ESP Overview.

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