Infographic: The Easy Move to Cloud

September 11, 2013 Cloud, Featured on Home Page, Infographics, Technology no comments

Are you considering moving part or all of your IT hosting environment to the cloud? As the technology quickly advances, the benefits become more and more apparent. Whether you’re moving public facing content like your website to the cloud, or deploying a private setup to handle corporate data, the cloud is a viable asset to your overall hosting strategy. InfoRelay and American Technology Services have teamed up to help you integrate cloud into your environment. The firms partner to deliver a solution that handles front-to-back migration to the cloud. Learn all about the migration process by reading the infographic below. For more information on the process, or to get started with your cloud migration, you can click, or call InfoRelay at 1-888 55 RELAY.

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The JPEG version is embedded.

Cloud Migration infographic


Thanks for reading. We hope you enjoyed. If you’d like more information on the infographic, contact InfoRelay’s communication department at 703 485 4600.

For information on getting moved to the cloud, contact our sales department at 888-55 RELAY x1. Best, JM

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