The Internet: Explained (Infographic)

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OK, maybe it’s not that simple. But we’ll try to help you make some sense of it.

With that said, InfoRelay can’t explain why “Harlem Shake” ever gained traction, or why cats are now the most popular animal on the planet, but we CAN help you understand the basic structure of the networks that make up the Internet. In the infographic below, we simplify networks in general, and outline the basics of InfoRelay’s unique network. If you’re looking at buying bandwidth for your business directly from a network provider at a data center, the illustration should outline everything you need to know about our network, and most networks, prior to purchasing.


The Internet Explained Infographic


Interested in learning more, or buying InfoRelay bandwidth? Just ask! Try the new chat function on the bottom right of this screen.

Best, Jonathan

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